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How To Break Up | Relationship Advice - Spiritual Healing

Relationship Advice - Spiritual Healing

Michael Skowronski’s Relationship Advice, Spiritual Healing, Wisdom & Love Stories
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How to Break Up – Advice for Ending a Relationship

Unfortunately ending relationship problems often means ending a relationship. Whether you want to know how to break up with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or just a friend…“How to break up a relationship?” is a difficult question to answer.

What makes “How to breakup advice” so difficult? Well that is just one of the questions I will answer in this “How to Breaking Up Advice” blog as well as giving you relationship advice on…

  • When to End a Relationship
  • How to End a Relationship
  • How to Break Up Nicely

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How to Cope with a Relationship Breakup

What I will be actually teaching you is how you will know what is best for you in your own unique circumstances. I wish to empower you to be able to make breakup and other decisions with confidence and create the best outcome possible.

Why is How to Breakup Advice so Difficult?

I believe this funny video provides a true glimpse into the nature of unaware people. We are surrounded by such people who are constantly advising us from their limited perspective on life even though they have a lot of relationship problems of their own.

I wish to help you move towards a more powerful and aware version of yourself and away from the influence of such people. Not because they are unworthy but because their approach to life and relationships will not serve you in being happy and fulfilled.

One of the reasons giving relationship advice is so difficult is because the advice that actually brings you the best future life is often NOT what the majority of people are advising. Like all of the characters in that video most people are unaware. They have a very narrow focus in life and are not paying attention to how life really works.People operate from bad habits they learned growing up. People react to their emotions rather than from a peaceful place of knowing what is really going on and from the logic of what will truly bring the best outcome into their life experience.

Unfortunately this majority mindset has too much influence on a person who is suffering over the decision of ending a relationship and how to break up.

While I can and will give you specific relationship advice like “how to breakup” and “how to know when to break up” wouldn’t it be even better if I helped you move into a place of true wisdom and personal power?

In my four hour audio program The Ultimate Guide to Relationship Healing and in my Relationship Healing Group I help you achieve Spiritual Healing and become a powerful person capable of making decisions that serve you.

Join the Relationship Healing Group and you will discover the root of all of life’s problems and how to overcome them all.

You will have to make millions of decisions in your life. Learning how to make tough decisions for yourself is more important than taking the advice for one specific relationship problem from someone else who does not walk in your shoes.

When to End a Relationship

Ending a relationship should occur when you feel like it is time, when you are ready for it to end…not when other people think you should end it. When YOU are ready!

It does not matter if you took marriage vows of “till death do us part.” It does not matter if your partner will suffer great emotional stress or even threatens to commit suicide. And it does not matter if other people are screaming at you to leave when you feel you should stay.

YOU must make YOUR OWN decisions about what is best for YOU in YOUR LIFE. Other people must make decisions on what is best for them in their own lives. We are all responsible for ourselves number one first and foremost.

You will make the best decisions when you are in a peaceful and loving state of mind, not when you are under emotional stress. Strong emotions cause us to think and react in irrational ways.

This process will help you make ending relationship decisions as well as other important decisions…

  1. Bring yourself to a calm and peaceful state of mind. (Do what it takes. This is a very important step.)
  2. Close your eyes and imagine one of your perceived options playing itself out.
  3. Imagine it in great detail and what each decision leads to.
  4. FEEL how it feels to live that experience as you are imagining it.
  5. Repeat those steps above with each possible option.
  6. Choose the option that feels the best, make the decision, and move forward to the next step.
  7. Life changes, more options appear, you have the opportunities to decide again…repeat the entire process every day of your life. (Notice that this requires that you remain awake and continue to feel and make decisions that make you feel good.)

I teach more about this process and why it works so well in The Ultimate Guide to Relationship Healing audio program. If you JOIN MY Relationship Healing Group you can ask me personally for more help with this process or anything else I teach along the lines of Relationship Advice and Spiritual Healing.

My specific breakup advice for ending a bad relationship is to get out once you see a negative pattern. Abuse, judgments, manipulations, lies, cheating, anger, hatred are habits that people develop. The very nature of habits is that they are repeated.

When you first start dating you will see your lover behave in a negative way only towards other people, then when they get comfortable with you and have won your trust and devotion they will behave badly with you too.

Unless a person is taking an active role in changing, they will not change. It is that simple…so who are their teachers?

Who is your teacher? If you wish to attract a different sort of person you too need to change; otherwise you can break up and leave this person yet the next person is likely to behave very much the same until you do change. So who is your teacher? Who will guide you in making your changes?

How to End a Relationship – How to Break Up Nicely

The key is to break up as nicely as possible. No matter what your soon to be ex has done, no matter how badly they have behaved, do not let the other person turn you into a monster! You still have to answer to Karma, to God, to your own conscious (and even to the laws of your country) for your thoughts, words and deeds.

By behaving badly yourself you will develop your own bad habits of behaving badly. Do NO Harm! Let Life deal with your soon to be ex-partner and their bad habits…trust me, eventually Life will do exactly that. Even if you never see them get what is coming to them.

However, do not misconstrue this advice to mean you should not protect yourself. You definitely need to protect yourself. But question what is necessary and what is not. Go back to the decision making advice I gave earlier in this blog. Remain calm and peaceful and carefully work out your best options and then follow through to the best of your ability.

Why can’t you “Text Message Breakup” as in the video at the top of this blog? Who says you can’t do it that way? It might just be the right way for you to do it. However in most cases, this is NOT the most respectful way to break up with someone you love or have loved.

Breaking up with someone is difficult. It is emotionally stressful. There is guilt about your own actions. There is worry and fear about what your partner’s reaction might be and all sorts of other negative feelings.

Do NOT run away from your feelings. Feel them! Acknowledge them. Ask yourself which of your own thoughts and actions each of your feelings come from. Make your mind up to change your own habits, to reprogram yourself, such that you do not repeat any behaviors that give you negative feelings.

Negative feelings in regards to your own behaviors tells you that you are not doing your best, you are not living up to your potential, and you are not heading towards your own true goals in life. So let your feelings help you to see where it is that you need to change, and then make the necessary changes in yourself.

How to Break Up Depends Upon Your Circumstances

If your partner might get violent or abusive, do it in public or with a calm and protective friend. If you feel like you might get stalked or harassed seek out legal advice and seek out advice on avoiding a stalker. Protect yourself with information.

A WARNING about involving the police…These days the police are willing to lock up anybody, anytime, for any reason. It is a sad state of affairs in America. A woman can call the police and get a man locked up with a few lies.

Legal fees to pay for an attorney are steep. If you need to involve the police have some compassion for the person you are getting locked up. Be honest. Do not take advantage of the situation to get revenge.

I have seen too much of this lately with women who call the police as a way to get revenge on a man who displeases them in some way. Play nice and play fair.

Jail time and $10,000 in legal fees is not a fair price to pay when someone simply changes their mind or cheats on you or plays some other silly drama. Reserve the calls to the police for when there is a real possibility of danger.

If you feel your partner might do harm to themselves then ask one of their own trusted friends to come and be with you both when you break up so that when you leave your partner they have some immediate support.

If you have a relatively sane partner then just do it quickly and cleanly. You don’t have to go into great detail. By the time it comes to breaking up either you should have already talked your issues out and seen that you were not getting satisfaction, or you just came to the place where you were through with the relationship.

In depth explanations at breakup time should not be necessary.

Trying to remain friends does work for some people. But if there are strong attachments on one side or another, then someone is going to be hoping to reunite every time you meet up as friends. That will be awkward and prolong the pain.

Your intentions are the key in this delicate situation. Wish the best for the partner you are breaking up with. Wish them love and peace and abundance and emotional sanity.

For the next 21 days pray for them daily to have these things. Then go about creating the life you wish to live for yourself.

Relationship breakups can open you up to a whole new world of possibilities. Get excited about what lies ahead and let go of the attachments and pain of the past.

Best Wishes on a Happy New Life,
Michael Skowronski

P.S. Getting involved in my Relationship Healing Group and listening to The Ultimate Guide to Relationship Healing can help you at any stage of your life. Whether you are single, just starting a new relationship, struggling to keep it together, or breaking up, my Relationship Healing products and services will help you evolve and become enlightened about life.

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