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2007 November | Relationship Advice - Spiritual Healing

Relationship Advice - Spiritual Healing

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Miracles and Healing Others

Unforgettable Love Story - Miracle and Healing OthersI have experienced more than one healing miracle in my own physical body as well as witnessing healing miracles that have occurred in others. I have also been a channel (as in God does the real work), catalyst (as in the instigator offering myself in assistance), to the healing of others. I have been in better health in my 40s than I ever was in my 30s because I finally came to understand the spirit - mind - body connection and put it into practice for a lifestyle that is healthy.

There is a secret to this power. It does not matter if you are a Christian, a Buddhist, a Jew, or a Hindu. It does not matter which version or flavor of God you worship, or if you even worship God. What matters is…

(I removed some of the content for the reasons given below.)

…But most people are not connected, and that is just as true for those “devout” religious followers as it is for the non-religious of people. Illness is the result. It is like the junk food we eat; slowly it poisons our bodies and makes us ill. The junk thoughts, and the actions that spring from them, slowly choke off the life force energy that nurtures us.

The most powerful determiner of health is not what we eat or do physically to the body, but…

(I removed some of the content for the reasons given below.)

Why is it that some people are not healed by prayer or other techniques that often work for others? Because that person is…

(I removed some of the content for the reasons given below.)

I have also had enough experience with illness, both my own, and that of others, to know for a fact the truth of this statement. There is nothing that is happening in life that is by accident, nothing that is happening that we have not created on some level of our being.

This is a very large topic of conversation which I explore on a regular basis with others in search of Truth. If you wish to join us, the dialogs and workshops I offer are available to you at an affordable cost!

What I would like to say in closing, especially to the skeptics of you out there, there is much more to life than this mundane physical experience. There is something more that you can experience right here and now in your every day physical life. But you need the skills to get there. It is merely a matter of practice and how much effort you put into your practice.

(There WAS much more to this blog but it has been removed…
see details below)

If you take a look at my blogs on MySpace you will see that MANY people found a lot of help in the content of my blogs. Unfortunately I had to remove the content of most of my blogs for the reason stated further below. You can continue reading my blogs by joining my relationship healing group, the details of which you can find at By joining my healing group you will get…

  • The Ultimate Guide to Relationship Healing a four hour Audio Program.
  • All of my blogs.
  • MANY hours of additional Audio programs.
  • Live Tele-Classes given by me where you will have the opportunity to ask your own specific questions.
  • Access to my coaching via email just like you have seen in my blogs on MySpace.

Why did I Remove my Blog Content from MySpace &

 I spent more than a year doing free spiritual and relationship counseling on MySpace. If you review the comments on my blogs (which I have left intact for you to review) you can see that I have spent a great deal of time, covered a lot of topics, AND A LOT OF PEOPLE WERE HELPED BY MY ADVICE. I have really enjoyed it and thank all of you who have participated. Many of my friends have touched my heart very deeply. I love you all!

Unfortunately doing it for free has resulted in me not being able to write new blogs or serve as many people as I would like too. Doing it for free has caused me to maintain a fulltime job with not enough time to coach those people who want and need the help I have to offer. By charging for my services I will eventually be able to quit my job and do my spiritual counseling work full time.

My blogs really do contain all you need to know in order to live a healthy and happy life and the live coaching I offer in the healing group fills in the gaps. Please consider joining this group today.

Love and Blessings,
Michael Skowronski
Author of Unforgettable: A Love and Spiritual Growth Story

Unforgettable: A Love and Spiritual Growth Story

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